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Ms. Heather J. Perkins-a phenomenal queen

Once you realize that you have something special and something good, you should never let it go. Being a creative leader that I am, I have seen so much in this vision that once I placed my hands on it...it just blossomed. And from the time I figured out what I wanted to invest my money in, I just start getting so many wonderful ideas. Sometimes I think the creative juices gets ahead of me (giggle).

All of this comes from my inner self, my heart desires, my passion and most importantly my faith in God. When something is given to you that no one else can touch, cherish it with all your might. Embrace it, get to know it, learn from it, and continue to grow with it. It's never easy, especially when it's your first time in the arena. The challenge is to never give up. Once you make that decision for yourself then you will be able to conquer anything. It's not how good you look in the world eyes, it's how much you give and show good in every step that you take in this world. Make your next steps meaningful.

We are the first and only largest distribution center in the US and International with over 100 flavors of candied pickles, to some who have known it to be called kool-aid pickles. Our company, our brand has made history with our delicious creative menu and by being the first to have developed so many recipes for each delicious pickle. Every bite bursting with flavor!

We started our creation in 2014 and then made it public in 2015. After bringing it to the public eyes the response was great and the people loved the experience of so many flavors to choose from.

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